When pain doesn’t mean stop

by Sara on July 24, 2012

Things I am excited about today…

Green juice for breakfast.

Naked Juice Green Machine. On the rocks.


Having an easy day today! Hooray for 2 miles!

Team Challenge T-shirts and Tempo Shorts!


My desk has been severely lacking in its stash of emergency chocolate.  And when I say severely lacking I mean “is empty of” and when I say emergency I mean “every day”.  Same thing right?  Right.  So I picked up this little beauty at the grocery store last night and I can’t wait until mid-afternoon to dig in.

Almond and sea salt + Dark chocolate – that’s an ok breakfast right?


I know today was an easy day, and easy days are supposed to be easy but that didn’t stop me from knocking out 10 minutes of core work after my run.  I am finally at the point where 20 minutes of working out doesn’t feel like enough anymore.  Six weeks ago it felt like an eternity!

I don’t if I am alone in this, but for some reason I don’t push myself nearly as hard doing core, or weights as I would running.  I don’t know why I keep expecting that doing one plank a week is going to give me awesome abs, but for some reason I do.  Or maybe I don’t care enough about having a chiseled middle to really push it.  Or maybe it’s because working your core hurts.  Oh yea that’s defintley the winner.  Abs moves HURT,  (does that mean I am doing something wrong?) and running for a prolonged period of time is mearly discomfort, if that.  Running shouldn’t hurt.  Will your legs sometimes feel tired and heavy, of course.  Will you maybe feel a little bit of aching at the end of a long run, probably.  But should you feel pain? Nope.  No way.  Pain = stop.

It’s hard to transition from the mindset of pain = stop, to pain = muscles working.

The thing is, I know having a stronger core is going to improve my running.  I tell myself this at the beginging of EVERY training cycle I go through, “this time I am really going to work  my core, I am going to do plank like crazy and be super strong”.  And then the higher mileage creeps in and all I want to do after a run is sleep.  With my feet up.  And without a doubt one month in I give up on weights and core all together, I tell myself that running is the most important thing and it’s ok.

Today I am deciding that it is no longer ok to neglect my core, if for no other reason than because if I stick with it, the next time I do plank it won’t totally kill me.  I wouldn’t give up after one mile why would I give up after 10 crunches?

How do you endure the torture of core work?  Blasting upbeat music? Imagining away the pain? Please share!

xx Sara

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