What I Ate Wednesday: A Typical Work Day

by Sara on October 29, 2014


I love food.

{but this is not a food blog so what does this have to do with running}

I love cooking it, eating it, sharing it with other people, talking about it learning about it, you name it.  I enjoy learning about nutrition and eating for performance, but also balancing that out with eating for enjoyment. I always aim to get a good mix of both, if it’s not delicious I don’t want to eat it and if it’s going to make me feel like crap I don’t want to eat it either so I figured why not share what I eat in a typical day.  Perfect excuse to be a part of What I Ate Wednesday that I read about on so many other blogs.  I figure later down the line I’ll do a few posts on how that differs as I increase my mileage, or how I adjust my diet for when I’m not running, and also what a long run day looks like because they are all so different.

I guess you could call the way I eat a combination of meal planning and intuitive eating.  I have a plan for each day in that I make breakfast at home, and pack my lunch and snacks for the day, but intuitive in that I eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m satisfied.  Some days I am breaking into my lunch by 11:45, others I might wait until 1:30 or 2.  I usually pack a bunch of snacks to munch on throughout the day but might not get to all of them.

When I first started meal planning and food prepping to save time during the week I would plan a different meal for every day of the week, and lunch was always leftovers.  Cooking 5 meals a week when you work full time, workout 4-5 days a week and try to maintain somewhat of a consistent blog is just something I cannot keep up with.  It became much easier to make 2 meals on Sunday to eat for dinner throughout the week and buy all the ingredients for a big salad for lunch every day.

This past week I managed to get back to a pretty normal {for me} workout schedule, which is 4 days a week and running about 20 miles/week.  The more I run, the hungrier I get and the easier it is to end up buying a giant chocolate chip cookie at lunch or coming home and opening a bag of chips before dinner.  Not that I haven’t been known to do both those things in the same day, because we all have those days once in a while but I try not to make a habit of it.  The more things I have prepared ahead of time the more likely I am to make healthy choices.  When I eat well I feel good and that’s reflected in my running performance.

Mornings start with a 6:30am alarm followed almost immediately by a full cup of coffee while I take Wesley on his morning walk.  I have been trying to clean up my diet even more than usual, but the one thing I cannot {and probably will not} give up is completely-artificial-in-no-way-organic-sugar-probably-not-even-dairy flavored creamer.


Before I leave the house for work I fry up 2 eggs in coconut oil and pack them, along with an english muffin or 2 slices of bread {sometimes avocado if I’m feeling a little crazy} into my lunch.  Another cup of coffee is necessary.

Breakfast is around 9:30 once I get settled at work.  Toast toasted, topped with egg and finishing whatever coffee I didn’t finish on the drive in.


Lunch: whenever hunger strikes but lately I cant wait much longer than 12.  This week’s salad was full of chicken, roasted butternut squash, pears, pecans, and goat cheese all tossed in a homemade cranberry vinaigrette.  Plus a giant mason jar {so hipster of me} full of water.


Post lunch snack:  Carrots + cucumbers or carrots + green bell pepper slices.  Plain green tea is my new favorite afternoon beverage of choice.  I try to limit myself to 2 cups of coffee in the morning and drink water the rest of the day, but sometimes water gets boring so I started drinking tea.


Pre workout snack: A handful of trail mix or a Kind Bar.  More water.

Post Workout:  My workouts lately have not been intense enough to warrent needing a full protein bar after my workout but I always try to have something protein + carb to maximize recovery.  Chocolate milk, as cliche as it sounds, is honestly the perfect thing for just after a workout that doesn’t fill me up before dinner.  I fill up a water bottle or cup with water for the drive home.


Dinner:  Who has time to take pictures of dinner?? Not this girl.  Dinner this week was a dish I kind of threw together completely last minute, 2 packages of Applegate farms apple chardonnay sausage sliced up and sauteed in coconut oil with shallots, spinach, chunks of roasted acorn squash and tossed with whole grain pasta and a little bit of locatelli cheese.  I mean really even if I had taken a picture it wouldn’t look that great so, you’re welcome.


Drinks: Dinner almost always includes a glass {or two} of wine, probably another glass of water, and then a hot tea before bed

So that’s pretty much what I eat in a day.  I try to focus on eating “more” veggies and fruits instead of “less” simple carbs and sugars and I don’t end the day feeling deprived or cranky.

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