Training Log: 8.04.14 – 8.10.14

by Sara on August 11, 2014

IMG_1372 August is always one of my favorite months for training.  July is usually filled with vacations and lazy weekends, and I’m still building mileage.  As August approaches, fall races come closer into view and it’s time to turn up the notch on training.  Speed work, although sporadic at best through most of the early summer, starts to have a strong presence and most mornings I wake up feeling it’s effects.  This is the training I live for.

Monday 6.5 miles w/ 3 miles @ tempo progression 8:15 | 8:00 | 7:45
Actual Splits 8:12 | 7:59 | 7:28
This was kind of my way of putting Ralph and I on the same level, because the week before I had done 2 miles @ tempo and he had not, I ideally would have gone up to 3 miles but 3 miles @ sub 8 pace I felt like might have been pushing it a bit.  So we did a progression tempo instead.  It ended up being a really awesome run apart from the fact that we were fighting to not inhale gnats the entire time.  I take back what I said earlier about loving August…

Tuesday –  Off.  Initially I had planned on doing an easy 3 but when I realized I had a few extra days this week I figured I was better off resting.

Wednesday 6 miles w/ 4 x800 intervals {between 6:59 & 7:15 pace} w/ 400 recovery.
7:00 | 6:59 |6:59 | 7:03
This workout almost killed me.  It was amazing.  Like most good speed workouts that I plan for myself, the paces are pretty ambitious/aggressive.  I never know going into it if I’m going to end up at the high or low end of the range, so I usually let the first interval tell me how the rest of the set is going to go.  If it’s fast then I hang on for a pretty tough workout, if its a bit slower I come to terms with the fact that that’s where my fitness level is at the current moment and aim to be consistent.  This day though, Ralph was traveling for work, so he had already completed the workout and texted me his splits.  They were on the low {fast} end.  Great.  Because I wasn’t about to let him show me up, I had to run at the fast end too.  It was manageable but definitely a challenge, I have a lot of work to go if I want to be able to maintain that pace for an entire 5k {one day}.

Thursday – 3 miles easy pace.
Made a last minute decision to go to RRCW’s Thursday night Fun Run and was really glad I did.  It was fun catching up with everyone at the Hot Run last weekend and made me miss going to the fun run.  I was glad I did, 3 miles went by super fast as I chatted with other runners.

Sunday – 14 mile Long Run | 10:30 average page
So many plans changed for this weekend.  I was supposed to drive up to Massachusetts for the weekend and my long run was going to be Saturday.  Things changed and I ended up staying home, but still planned on running Saturday even though Ralph was not going to be around.  I could run 14 miles alone right? I used to run 20+ miles alone week after week with no problem.  When it came down to it though, I opted to sleep in Saturday morning instead of getting up and run.  I did “hot” yoga outside on the back deck which didn’t feel super hard but I definitely felt it in my back/shoulders the next day.  Sunday we woke up a little before 7am and my goal was to get of the house and running as soon as possible.  We were out the door by 8am.  We did an easy-ish out and back, and it was hot but we kept the pace easy and had so much to talk about since Ralph had been gone most of last week.  The miles flew by and before I knew it we were back home.  I wore my Kinvaras for their longest run ever (previously I’ve only done 6 milers in them) and I’ll admit the decision was based on matching mostly.  They matched my shorts and socks, but I had been wanting to try them out on a long run anyways so I went for it.  It’s been really hard making the transition, but not for the reasons you would think.  The Kinvaras are so super light and comfortable I just want to wear them all the time, but the running coach in me knows its not smart to make such a fast transition.  So far so good though and I’m probably going to start to phase out the Asics more and more.  My poor Asics, I’m sorry it’s not you it’s me.  Actually it’s you.  Sorry.

Total weekly miles = 29.5 miles

At some point during Wednesdays run it occurred to me that the first time I ran 800’s {one of my favorite workouts when I first started speed work} I was running them just over 8:00 pace.  Now I am running them at sub 7:00 pace and running tempo runs at sub 8:00 pace instead.  Just the difference from last year to now is astounding, I look back on some of the workouts I was doing and though the paces are slower I know every single workout was killer for me then.  I used to be terrified of the track, and now I happily suck it up schedule track workouts because I know it makes me a better runner.  I get so focused on getting faster and faster, I forget to look back and see how far I’ve come. It’s been a long road, every year I get a little bit better.  And when I think I can’t go as far as my dreams want, I realizes if I’ve come this far why can’t I keep going.

It’s not impossible it’s just going to take some time.

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