Training Log: 7.13.14 – 7.20.14

by Sara on July 21, 2014

This week I re-discovered how crazy hard and amazing yoga can be.  That’s related to running right?  Oh yea I guess I ran a little bit too…


Wednesday – 6 miles  Hilly but took a pretty easy pace.  I was really looking forward to running on Tuesday after a few days off but the storms that rolled in mid-afternoon were pretty serious and I was not feeling the whole treadmill thing.  I opted to just push it to Wednesday (which thankfully was amazing weather) and felt like picking it up to 6 miles instead of our usual 5.  It doesn’t really seem like a huge difference  After almost a week off of no running it was really tough to get my legs moving.  I haven’t felt such heavy legs in a long time but after a few miles of getting warmed up I felt back to my old self.  As much as I wanted to do some killer speed work I had decided that this week would just be about the mileage and getting one more step closer to that 30 mile week I thrive so well off of.

Thursday – 3 miles Easy pace no watch.  Ran in my Gel Lyte33s for the second time and I am really liking them so far.  They are super light and I think they would be a really great 5k race shoe but for now I am trying to go really easy with transitioning into them and wear them for only short easy runs, or on the track {which I actually haven’t done yet}.

Friday – 4 miles  Fridays are really rough in the motivation-to-do-physical-activity after a long week department but knowing how much I slacked last week I just wanted to have a full week of miles again.  I motivated myself one of the only ways I know how, an ice cold beer only AFTER my run was over.  #worthit

Friday morning at work I got into a discussion with one of my coworkers about a few different yoga poses, down dog flowing into up dog, head stands etc. {very normal Friday morning work discussion…} which then led to us basically taking over an empty conference room so we could practice headstands.  She gave me some very valuable advice that helped me FINALLY master crow pose, which I have always felt I was just not strong enough for.  Not the case at all actually I was planting my hands too far apart which was making it hard for me to stay balanced.  Of course that meant as soon as I got home I wanted to practice more, watch more videos and learn all sorts of other correct ways to get into and hold poses that I have been doing wrong all this time.  I am well aware that in the photo above I probably have terrible form – please do not use that as an example of what you should look like.  I was really surprised and psyched I was able to hold my body up for more than 5 seconds and also not land on my face after doing so.  My arms and shoulders were really feeling it the next day, which I loved.

Sunday – 14 miles Took it to the trail {aka bike path} yesterday for our long run, because I like to keep changing up our route and we hadn’t been there in a while.  The path itself is only 6 1/4 miles long so we parked at one end, ran 1 mile out & back, then grabbed water bottles from the car and headed back out to do the full trail out and back.  Overall the run went a little something like this.
Mile 1-4  This is freaking great, we are feeling so good, omg this could not be any more fun! Long run, looooong run is so much fun.
Mile 4-6  You know what would be great? Let’s do a fast finish at the end, maybe the last two miles at goal race pace? Yea that would be really great we have tons of energy left
Mile 6-8 Maybe fast finish is not such a great idea, this is starting to get pretty hard.  Yea let’s just screw the fast finish and just run consistency.  Yea perfect idea.
Mile 8-10 Turn around point FINALLY.  OMG why is this starting to feel so hard! But it’s ok we’ve already finished over half, we can totally do this, this is seriously going to be fine.
Mile 10-12 Four miles to go no big deal.  You know what’s going to be great when this is over? Let’s get Rita’s.  Yea or Wawa breakfast sandwiches.  Or both, yea let’s get both.  But let’s just get one Rita’s because we don’t need to be total gluttons.  Just partial gluttons.
Mile 12-14 – Ok two miles left we can freaking do this.  Maybe we should do a fast finish, I just want this thing to be OVER with.  Ok but not that fast, too fast too fast! Holy shit I just want this to be over.  Just think of the Rita’s.  And the breakfast sandwiches.  And the sleeping.  And the part where you feel like you kicked so much ass because you just ran 14 miles.

And then there was that magical moment when it was all over.  And the next magical moment where we drove across the street for a lemon/vanilla Rita’s gelati.  And I am telling you it was one of the most amazing post long run things I have ever eaten.  EVERY long run should end at Rita’s.

Total – 27 miles

Summer training is rough.  You want to get in all the miles for fall races but at the same time you want to travel and see friends and relax.  Most of my training schedule for the whole summer has been a roller coaster, one good week followed by one bad week, another good another bad and so on.  The bad weeks motivate me to really make time for workouts the following week, but then the hard weeks make me tired and ready for an off week once in a while.  After two weeks without a long run, 14 miles was pretty challenging but I’m glad I held strong and finished the whole thing.  Hopefully over the next few weeks I can maintain a bit more consistency in weekly mileage that I have been doing lately.

Ralph and I finally bit the bullet and signed up for this local race  that’s being organized by our running club.  We’ve both been really itching to race again but I’ve been hesitant because I wasn’t sure if it would be a hilly course or not and August weather is so unpredictable who knows if it would be miserably hot or humid or both.  I hate to say I only want to run a race if I know I’m going to do well, but that is the truth.  I probably have a PR in me but I’m not sure by how much.  I’m just going to have to take it week by week and see how it goes.

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