Training Log: 10.6.14 – 10.12.14

by Sara on October 13, 2014


Two words.  Emotional.  Rollercoaster.  {Or is it roller coaster? Three words?)

Injuries will do that to you ya know, up in the clouds one minute thinking everything is peachy and panicking with worst case scenarios the next.  Sunday after my run I was totally blissed out, but by Monday morning I was freaking out again.  There was no pain or tightness in my achilles but something weird was going on with the arch of the same foot.  When it didn’t go away by Tuesday night I was starting to fall back into a bought of mini depression.  Yes I know it’s dramatic.  I can’t help it.  With all the work that I had put in all summer I can’t help but freak out that every little ache and pain is going to turn into something major.  I have a really bad history with that kind of thing being true.

Tuesday was low.  Wednesday it started to look a little bit better.  I realized {probably a little late} that I probably shouldn’t be standing all day if my foot is bothering me so I sat at my desk instead.  By the middle of the day I was feeling better and so was my outlook.

Wednesday | Plyos
Three weeks ago I made the desperate decision to run even though I was not 100% sure my foot was ok.  I regretted it the second I started running, and I wasn’t about to repeat that mistake no matter how much I was freaking out.  It’s like this fear that if a certain number of days go by without running then I’m going to lose all the fitness I spent months building.  I know it doesn’t work like that.  I know that I can’t plan my life around fear.  I know all the right answers so why is it so hard to follow through with them.  This time though, this time I made the right call and I didn’t run.  I did plyos instead.  The October issue of Women’s Running Magazine has a great plyometrics workout that I’d been wanting to try so I gave it a go.  3 rounds of all the moves left me dripping in sweat and realizing I have a ways to go on my balance and some pretty weak ankles.  Still it felt good to be moving.

Thursday | 3 miles
Three glorious amazing pain free fall-air-filled miles.  From the lowest of lows to the highest of highs right?  I was traveling over the weekend again {this time to watch my sister run her first half marathon in Boston} so I knew Thursday was the last chance I would have for a run.  For weeks I’ve been watching everyone post on social media about the amazing fall running weather.  The leaves! The sunsets! The cooler temperatures!  Finally getting outside and moving my legs felt amazing, everything felt on point even though my pace was way too fast.  Ralph called it.  I had been binge watching running documentaries trying to maintain motivation and all that inspiration was going to my head.  He said I the second I started moving I wouldn’t be able to hold back, he was right.  I even avoided looking at my pace most of the time but I knew I was pushing it.

What now?

As hard as it is I am trying to be patient and not pile the miles back on.  I don’t really have any race goals left for the rest of the year, and the same thing I said last week still holds true. I just want to stay healthy through the winter and build up a good base.  Whatever it takes.

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