The one thing I DON’T want for Christmas

by Sara on December 23, 2011

… is any extra pounds. No thanks Santa.

I came across this article this morning and was shocked at the first line:

Have you heard: The average person gains seven to 10 pounds over the holidays?”

WHAT? 10 pounds?  That was enough to make me want to go to the gym STAT!  Or you know, after work, and finishing my shopping, and getting my haircut… but I swear, after all that, I am GOING to the gym!

I was never one of those people who obsessed about numbers on a scale, and in fact I can proudly say I spent 25 years of my life living without a scale.  Sure they were always around, maybe at the gym, and always at the doctors, but I never really used it as a frame of reference for my health.  Instead I am much more in tune with how my clothes fit, and how my body feels.  If I have been eating really well and working out, I feel great.  And when I take a few days off and indulge maybe a little too much, I can tell, and I know to get myself back on track.

Usually over the holidays I fall off the wagon, HARD, but I always manage to get back on in the spring.  This year however with our wedding coming up in April I can’t afford to slack that much, I’d rather just maintain healthy habits and keep my running on track consistently.  And now that Ralph and I are living together his scale as taken up permanent residence on our bathroom floor.

I recently started weighing myself every morning just to keep myself in check.  Because I thought it would be a fun experiment, I weighed myself Thanksgiving morning, and then again on Thanksgiving night (after our gluttonous feast).  Over the course of the day I gained 6 pounds!  Now I know, it’s all the food I ate sitting in my stomach, but still.  I had never really thought about the amount of food I ate + the lack of excercise over the holidays.  Over the next few days I made sure we went out for a few runs, and I ate pretty light (plus the occasional overflowing plate of leftovers) and was back to my pre-Thanksgiving weight in about a week.  But still, a week?  Imagine if I didn’t have my good friend The Scale there to tell me what a fatty I was being? I probably wouldn’t have been as motivated to run as much and eat better so fast.

So with that in mind, and with oodles of Christmas parties at every corner, my plan is this.  Workout.  As much as humanly possible.  No more excuses.  Although the 24hr chest cold/cough I had yesterday is most definatley not an excuse.  I absolutely refuse to give up any of my favorite holiday treats, although I could probably practice some restraint in the form of portion control.  And maybe in honor of Christmas I’ll start tomorrow with a green smoothie.  Maybe not, let’s not go overboard with this…

What’s your plan for beating the holiday pounds?

xx Sara

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