Some very slow miles are better than no miles.

by Sara on September 6, 2012

Lately, I am sad to admit, that the snooze button and I have been spending too much quality time together.  Every since I got back from our trip to my parents, I haven’t been able to find the motivation to get up early and get to the gym.  Even though I am not sure if I am up for running, surely I can hop on an elliptical or a bike and get some cardio in, but every morning when that alarm goes off I throw the pillow over my head and sleep in for at least another hour.

I guess everyone has their off days {or weeks}.

Yesterday, after several hits off the snooze button, I picked myself out of bed, kicked that feel-sorry-for-yourself attitude out the door and did a quick 15 minute workout of push ups, side plank hip raises, plank, side crunches, and jumping lunges.  It was great, I was feeling great, my glutes were feeling sore and I was ready to tackle the day.

Clearly up for fitness model of the year AND best workout outfit on earth all at the same time.

And then I had an all out body image melt down.

I don’t know what happened.  I didn’t suddenly gain 5 pounds from the second I stepped in the shower to the second I put on clothes.  But it felt like it.  Nothing I put on was comfortable, or looked good.  My thighs felt ginormous, all my shifts felt too tight, and to top it all off, the more I stressed, the harder it was to pick out an outfit.  Our bedroom gets zero air circulation so add to the fact that I was sweating like crazy, standing in front of the closet pulling things out, throwing them on the floor about to burst into tears.  SO stupid I know.  But I’m admitting it.  Because it happens.

Note to self – things like this are better vented to a best girl friend or a mother.  Girls understand.  Boys do not.

I made the executive decision later in the day that I needed to give running a try again or risk starting to loose all my fitness.  I hand’t felt any kind of pain since Saturday and would need to eventually test the waters.

Side profile self portrait. Changing it up a little bit.

In case you were wondering – doing 20 push-ups (6, rest, 6, rest, 8) if you have not done push ups in forever will leave you VERY sore the next day.  Also if you have never in your life worked your glutes and you decide to work those too, you will have a very sore butt.  So sore butt,  sore arms and all I hauled myself out of bed this morning at 6am and off to the gym.

Since I wasn’t sure if I would feel great the whole time, or feel pain after 20 minutes, I decided the treadmill was the place to hang out for the morning.  3 miles in 51 minutes, its a good thing they didn’t ask me to be in the Olympics I would have smoked everyone.  Really though,  most of that 3 miles was walking.  3/4 of a mile of that was walking uphill at a 10% incline.  One and a half of those miles was running (very slowly) and not all in a row either.

Where I spent my morning workout. Pretty awesome scenery don’t you agree?

So how did the running feel? I am having a hard time answering that question, even just for myself.  I think there is a big part of me that is scared to see how far I can go.  I am happy to report that there was no pain which is always a good sign, but there may have been a little bit of tightness along the outside of my left leg.  I can’t figure out if this is because, running on the treadmill feels different (and uses different muscles because the belt does a lot of the work?) or because I had sore other muscles which made running feel differently, or if I am fine and just being paranoid.

Either way I think tomorrow I should do some light cardio of some kind to just burn some cals but otherwise take it easy and then test the waters again on Sunday, outside on a real road.  And then I guess I’m just supposed to take it one day at a time from there?

I promise there is meatloaf in there somewhere. You know, under all that good mac and cheese and ketchup.

For some reason, I lucked out in the husband lottery big time.  Ralph knew I was having a sucky day yesterday and offered to make dinner.  I came home to an delicious smelling house and this amazing turkey meatloaf  for dinner last night which means more amazing leftovers for lunch today.  He said that the secret was extra garlic, extra ketchup, and extra Ralph sauce (Worcestershire).

Even though meatloaf is delicious, it is a requirement that you cover it in ketchup.  It’s like frosting a cupcake, you just can’t eat it until it is complete.

What’s in your lunch today? Any other ketchup-on-their-meatloaf-loving friends out there?

xx Sara

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