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Shifting My Thoughts about the Fitness Industry

by Sara on April 26, 2016

Fitness wasn’t always the dream, in fact I was a pretty lazy kid.  Fitness came to me back in college while living in San Francisco when I had nothing else to do after work but go to the gym and food was so expensive that I didn’t have a lot of extra snacks & junk laying around.  Also I was 20 so wine had not become a part of my daily diet yet.

Enjoying working out and eating healthy were these new and amazing things and it took a lot of willpower to convince myself that I didn’t really need to make a career change.  Also the idea of starting over after finishing 3 super challenging years of college didn’t sound very appealing.

That was TEN FREAKING YEARS AGO. When I think back on that, I cannot believe how much the fact of the fitness industry has changed.  Not to mention the clothing that went along with it.  All these years later I have found myself at a place where my career has head on collided with fitness in the very best way.  It’s a running full speed with your best friend around the playground and running into your crush kind of feeling.

Fitness was always a hobby and for years I told myself it would be something I could transition into.  Somewhere along the line this “dream”to be a personal trainer forgot to catch up with the present.  It was just a pipe dream, and it hung out back in 2006 and hasn’t really made it to the future.

Looking at my dream now, I don’t even know what to do with it.  In a way, it’s so irrelevant.

I built this dream so long ago when I thought getting married and having a family meant that one day I would have to give up my career and do something “stay-at-home-mom” ish.  I thought I could have a few kids and then stay and home doing fitness-y things and then it would magically transform into this super amazing career.  {Hey my mom always said I had a creative brain.}  Problem is the world, and the fitness industry as a whole, was out there shifting and changing.  It has become a place where people feed others so full of misinformation so that they buy your meal replacement or supplement.  It has become a place where people portray unrealistic photoshopped ideas of what a “healthy” life should look like.  It has become a place where no one wants the right answer they all just want the fast answer.  Also I really don’t care about social media I just want to work out have fun and get on with my life. {says the girl who writes a blog & is always looking for good Instagram photo ops…}

I thought I wanted something, I thought I had a love for something, and now when I find myself with the time and resources to dive into it I realize my dream got left in the dust.  More than a year ago I bought text books and started to study.  Only problem is I am terrible at book learning and this book in particular makings things about 100 times more complicated than it needs to be.  I get it, it’s a text book, but it seriously makes me jealous of all the people who can pick it up and read it while perfectly absorbing all the information.

So a few weeks ago I signed up for a 3 day course that will hopefully help me out.  Now that we don’t have a house to take care of and I’m not really running that much it’s easy to commit to one weekend if it helps me learn the material.  That being said once I get this certification, what the heck do I want to do with it?

I said to Ralph yesterday, “If I quit my job tomorrow to do something in the fitness industry, I don’t even know what that means to me anymore.”  I don’t want to work in a gym training clients, I don’t want to work with online clients, and I don’t want to start selling ish on the internet.  Also I’m really not into giving people bad advice because they want to be skinny or lean or ripped.  Everyone knows that’s more about diet than exercise and it’s not a sustainable lifestyle and I don’t stand behind it.

So now I guess I have to wake my dream up from it’s sleeping beauty state, and get it reacclimatized to the present times.  Who knows maybe it’s something that just missed it’s calling, or maybe it can learn to adapt and figure out a new path.  Whatever happens I think I’ve learned that you can’t watch things pass you by, go for what you want even if its scary.  Dreams aren’t going to sit around and wait for you so go after what you want before they aren’t relevant anymore.

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