Not Running

by Sara on January 2, 2014

It has been exactly 6 weeks, 5 days, and probably a few hours since the last time I got to lace up my bright orange Asics and take them for an endorphin filled therapy session.  Aka running.  Not that I’m counting or anything…

Runners do weird things sometimes.  Instagram

Runners do weird things sometimes

What started off as a rest week to refresh, recharge, and avoid burn out turned into nearly two months off due to pain in my right foot.  At first I thought I just got a rock stuck in my shoe or something and had bruised the bottom of my foot.  I even got desperate and “foam rolled” my calves with a rolling pin thinking it could be pain caused by tight calf muscles.  No dice.  And when the pain didn’t go away after a week and a half I knew it was time to head to the doctor.  As it turns out I have an inflamed sesamoid in my right foot.  Sesamoiditis.  Thankfully it isn’t a stress fracture, and even more thankfully it happened at the end of race season, but it is never easy to here the words, “You’re going to have to take a few weeks off”.  A few? How many is a few? One? How about two? I don’t think I can maintain my sanity and not run for that long.

It does not help that Ralph gifted me with all sorts of running greatness for Christmas.  New shoes, shorts, and a custom medal display for all my race bling.   Not to mention all the tech long sleeves and hooded jackets that are just begging me to bundle up and run through the snow.

I'd say Ralph knows me pretty well.  Asics Gel Lyte 2's that I've had my eyes on.

I’d say Ralph knows me pretty well. Asics Gel Lyte 2’s that I’ve had my eyes on.

Clearly with running off the table my motivation to come here and write about running has pretty much fizzled out.  Also a lot of motivation/time has been spent working on the house the holidays, and work.  It’s been a nice break but I am more than ready to get back to business, and by business I mean running.  I miss it.  I’m doing all the right things to heal as fast as I can.  Not doing any type of impact cardio, or really any cardio for that matter (which is killing me), not walking the dog, not wearing heels (not that that is ever a problem, I’m very much a flats/sneakers kind of gal), taking an anti-inflammatory, and of course lots of prayers and finger crossing.

Two weeks until I can go back to the doctor and hopefully get the OK to start running again.  Not that I am counting or anything…

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