No More Bread Please {at least not right now}

by Sara on October 31, 2012

Thanks to Sandy,  both Ralph and I were off of work the past two days and were able to get a TON done on the house.  Yay progress, yay to not losing power (even though we were all ready with our generator), and yay to no water in our basement!

One of the things I love most about weekends is I let myself indulge a little more the rest of the week.  I eat what I want and enjoy every second of it, even if it’s an extra glass of wine and a few (dozen) crackers with cheese before dinner.

Wine + Cheese + Crackers = perfect Friday night snack

Sure we have pizza once a week but the dough and sauce are made from scratch and I always pile mine with veggies.

Pizzas before getting cheesed

We probably eat larger meals, but snack less.  And since we’ve been so busy working on the house, our meals are more spread apart.   Often we don’t even remember to eat until are stomach’s are growling.

But then this lovely little storm came along extending our weekend, and our time cooped up in the house, for two more days.  I was beyond happy for the time we got to work on the house because we got more done than I could have ever expected.  I miss the gym terribly but at least I know we are keeping pretty active (hello climbing up and down ladders and hanging heavy light fixtures)

However four days of eating extra snacks and not a whole lot of fruits or vegetables – not feeling so hot.  I tried to drink more water, but the coffee was there and already made and so delicious, and then the  wine was so easy to get to also.  I know there were plenty of apples in the fridge, but for some reason I wanted to make popcorn instead.

I don’t think I made enough…

What is it about being at home that makes me want to eat everything sweet, salty, and carb loaded??

So now that we are back to work and getting back into our daily routine, I decided today would be a break from all things carbs, at least for now, until I felt like I have  “fruit and veggie fasted” my way back to feeling normal.  This isn’t really a huge break from my usual weekday food routine, but instead I just made sure to pack an extra veggie instead of a granola bar and maybe leave the string cheese for tomorrow.

I knew as soon as I was in the kitchen that there was no better way to start my day with eggs and spinach… in the microwave (because skipping breakfast is never a good idea people!).

Ok so I snuck an English muffin into my breakfast – but mostly as a vessel to carry egg to my mouth because I didn’t think egg in a napkin sounded that delicious.

I know what you are thinking right now, “Sara, microwave eggs cannot possibly in any way be delicious”, but you would be wrong.

It’s pretty delicious considering the amount of time it takes, it’s portable, and probably a heck of a lot better for you than any egg sandwich you would get at any fast food place.

Scramble two eggs in a small Pyrex (read – microwave safe) bowl, I like this one because it is perfectly English muffin sized.  Stir in a small handful of spinach leaves and microwave until cooked.  I nuked this one for a minute and 30 seconds and it was perfect.

Then I threw together a pretty delicious lunch of carrots, sliced pepper, chili (leftover from Saturday night), an apple, yogurt and a LARGE iced coffee.  Sure we just had four days off but I am not feeling all that rested.

Not pictured – large tub of hummus the size of my face because I forgot about it until the last minute.

All those goodies + lots of lots of water and I am feeling better already.

Maybe good enough to break into a few pieces of Halloween candy after dinner….

Do you ever feel like you need to re-charge your diet with an extra dose of fruits and veggies after a long weekend of starchy foods?

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