New Years {Recipe} Resolutions

by Sara on January 6, 2014

Before you get all excited this is not a resolution to start posting recipes.  Sorry.

Since it’s the new year and all I’ve been thinking a lot about resolutions.  And how I suck at making them.  And how I suck at sticking to them if I do make them.  When it comes to running I don’t need January 1st to roll around to set goals for myself.  I do that all the time, and as I improve or have set backs I adjust my goals to meet the current set of life circumstances.  And when it comes to maintaing weight, well we all know my favorite saying is, “don’t buy bigger pants” so there’s that.  Why should it only happen on one day? And on the same day that everyone else on the planet is making resolutions?

I get that it’s a fresh start and all, but for me it always feels so forced.  But since I spent the majority of Friday in the kitchen (thank you snowstorm) cooking, juicing, baking etc. I realized that the past few years I have really expanded my cooking horizons and learned to make things I never thought I would.  I mean I just had glass of liquid kale for breakfast.  Seriously.

Two years ago I didn’t even know risotto was not actually a type of rice, and now I make it at least a few times a year.  I had never made a crab cake or granola bars, but suddenly thy don’t seem so intimidating.  Thanks to my good friend Cuisinart I overcame my fears of making hummus, although I don’t think I really nailed it until the third or fourth batch.  Other things I made for the first time this year included empanadas, quinoa, spaghetti squash, kale chips (not impressed), and fried mac & cheese balls (VERY impressed).

So here are a few things I resolve to finally try in 2014.  I picked 12 different things so hopefully I can tackle one a month.  If not it’s going to be a wicked busy December 2014…

recipe resolutions

I started this list thinking it would be super easy to come up with 12 things I have never made. Wrong. Especially since I was looking for somewhat challenging ideas.  There are so many things I have made from scratch that I completely forgot about, hot fudge, bread, biscuits, ice cream, whipped cream, crepes, pulled pork, so many different soups, strawberry shortcake … I could go on and on.  Sometimes it takes looking back on things to realize how far you’ve come.  It may not feel like a lot but when you really think about it you have those, “wow” moments and you think, “how did I even get here?”

I promise that at least for these 12 things I will do some kind of post, although it will likely be comprised of some sub-par food photography, a link to the recipe I followed, and some kind of story about how I failed miserably but then tried a second (or third, or fourth) time and redeemed myself.

Happy New Year!

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