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Trying a New Fitness Routine

by Sara on February 27, 2017

Right after I hit publish on last week’s post I realized I need a new fitness routine.  When I schedule workouts it’s always the same two classes by the same two instructors.  While it’s great that I’ve found something I love its starting to feel stale.  I need a challenge!  I’m also struggling to figure out how I want to utilize my ACSM CPT because so far it’s just a really nice piece of paper that’s framed on my wall.

ACSM certification on my wall

After I got my certification there were some other life things I wanted to focus on, a lot of traveling and a lot of holidays.  It was not a great time to run out and get a job training or teaching.  Now that things are settling down I know I need to figure out what my next steps are.  I should be using this time to write more blog posts, or do more fitness things.  I should be learning about all aspects of fitness or deciding what additional training I want.  The problem is there are SO MANY OPTIONS.  I often get so overwhelmed that I end up staring at my computer and don’t do anything.  When the weekend is over and I realize I’ve wasted two whole days the guilt settles in that I wasn’t able to accomplish anything.  Well enough of that.

Maybe I don’t know what the next steps are.  But I’m pretty sure I want to teach a class of some kind at a real studio with real people.  {Even though that idea terrifies me.  You gotta do the things that scare you most if you want to grow.}  If I want to teach a class I have to stop making excuses and start taking classes.  A bunch of new studios have been opening locations very close to me such as Rev Cycle Studio and Core Power Yoga.  Not to mention already existing places like MPower Yoga, and Pure Barre.

So here’s the deal.  I have decided that starting NOW I am going to get out of this rut and start taking some new classes.  Every week I am going to pick a new studio and take as many classes as possible.  {Or as many as I can afford.} and then come back here & tell you all about them.  All about the classes, instructors, everything I love and things that weren’t so great.

So stayed tuned next Monday to see what the first studio is and how it went!

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