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My magic number is {30}

by Sara on August 22, 2012

You know what I’m talking about, that magic number of miles a week where you feel super fit but not over exaughsted?  Less than that number feels like work but you know you could be working harder?

Based on how I feel after last week, I would say my magic number is 30.

That hasn’t stopped me from continuing to up the mileage as I get ready to jump into speed work for Hartford.  Slowly but surely I’ve been setting my alarm for a few minutes earlier every day to be able to fit in longer runs before work.  Yesterday was six amazing miles that started off feeling like cement legs but ended in “oh-my-gosh body slow down we cannot be running this fast right now”.  I am in love with how quiet and peaceful it is to run around here and it truly is the best start to my day to just go out for a run and clear my mind or think over things that have been bugging me.

Amazing view from my run yesterday AM, if you like the idea of running through cornfields.

I have also been trying to get a little better about my daily eats, eating a little more veggies and a little less fruit to try and cut down on my sugar.  “Dessert” after lunch is usually a handful of trial mix with some dark chocolate chips mixed in.  Don’t worry I still put full fat deliciousness creamer in my coffee every morning and treat myself to ice cream at least once a week.  Last week it might have been three times…

You can’t really have too many veggies for lunch right?

I have been on a roll with meal planning lately, and was all too excited last night to whip up a double batch of Southwest sweet potatoes that I am pretty much obsessed with now.

I get giddy happy about how much of this is in the freezer for future meals.

Half way through making dinner though, I realized we had no black beans.  I made Ralph run to the store with me to stock up, and saw the latest issue of Fitness Magazine right there staring me in the face at the check out.  It had to be fate, how did the universe know I was dying for a new health magazine to devour in a matter of minutes?  Since we are being pretty frugal with our spending I had to do a little bit of begging before Ralph would agree to let me buy it, much to the amusement of the girl at the register.  I finally won him over with, “don’t you want me to have awesome abs like the girl on the cover?”  A guy can’t really say no to that now can he?

I know you are saying how much you love my plaid pajama bottoms right now.

Apparently the universe also knew how much I wanted a new core and arms workout.  All this running is great for my legs but I want to make sure that my core and upper body don’t get neglected.  I even started doing my pank-a-day again (two days in a row that is a big deal!) and am back up to a minute.  I just decided right now that my goal is to get up to 2 minutes in two weeks.  Let’s see how that goes.

Do you get giddy excited over things like fitness magazines and having tons of healthy frozen meals for lazy I-don’t-feel-like-cooking nights?

xx Sara

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