Mantra for 2017

My Mantra for 2017 – “I Am Responsible For”

by Sara on January 16, 2017

So, how’s everyone’s New Year been going?  Setting goals and crushing them already?  Setting a mantra to help you push through the hard times?  Awesome.  I’ve been over here sitting on the couch trying to shake this awful cold I picked up while traveling for Christmas.  Airplanes I tell ya.  Germ incubators.  Anyways.

Of course being sick requires a fair amount of lounging around scrolling endlessly on Instagram and seeing everyone’s amazing goals.  Let me tell ya I follow some pretty ambitious peeps.  The way it should be.  It got me thinking about the past year, what I achieved and how to keep that momentum up.

What helped me grow in 2016

2016 was the year I finally hit a huge goal of mine and became a ACSM certified personal trainer.  I discovered a love for weight lifting and spinning and let running take a back seat for a while.  I was given a semi-new position at work which has been INSANELY challenging but so SO rewarding that although I question myself A LOT I have to look back and say I have come a long LONG way in just one year.  I spent 9 months of 2016 living in a semi long distance marriage, which was NOT easy.  Thank goodness by October Ralph started a new job on Baltimore and we get to live together like a real married couple.

Through everything, whenever I was feeling not smart enough, not successful enough or like I was screwing up everything I was doing, I kept coming back to one that one mantra.  Relentless.  Every day I reminded myself that no matter how hard it was, I wasn’t going to quit.  And believe me there were plenty of moments where I thought about giving up.  I would have myself a nice bitch-fest/cry/pity party for about 20 minutes and then I would come back to that word would pop up from the back of my head.  Relentless.  “You’re not going to quit now girl, you’re better than that.”

My Momentum Jewelry bracelet showing my favorite mantra for 2016, RelentlessMy mantra for 2017

Why mantra and not resolution or specific goal?  Goals and resolutions are great {I have some more specific things in mind that I’m going to keep to myself for a bit} but I want something that can apply every day.  Something that can help me when unexpected roadblocks come up.  Something that will give me the swift kick in the butt that I sometimes need.

Everything I came up with felt forced.  Driven?  Too basic.  Efficient?  Nope.

And then it hit me.  It was {literally} starting me in the face, because it’s on a post-it I wrote myself and stuck on my desk at work.

A post-it showing my new mantra for 2017, I am responsible for

It’s pretty simple, cut out the “I deserve” and replace it with “I am responsible for”.  I can’t take credit for making it up, it’s from the EntreLeadership podcast – Episode 170 and it really stuck with me.

Think about it, how many times a day do we say that things fair?  I deserve more work life balance and I deserve to be more successful at work and I deserve to have a happy marriage and have everyone treat me with respect.  Wrong.  I don’t deserve that.  I earn it.  I earn it by working at it.  So at the end of 2016, after listening to the podcast during vacation,  I slapped that pretty little post-it up on my desk and vowed to change my attitude.

I am responsible for creating the life I want to live.  If I want more work life balance I have to figure out how to be more efficient and prioritize.  It’s no ones job to take care of my life but my own.  So let’s make 2017 the year that I step up, set big goals and them crush them.

What will your mantra for 2017 be?  What are you going to be responsible for changing this year?

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