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Hungry Harvest – Get Creative & Fight Food Waste

by Sara on March 20, 2017

I first learned about Hungry Harvest through a work volunteer event.  Giving back to the community is a huge piece of what it means to work for Under Armour.  This past summer my team was able to participate in a week long giveback event at one of the cities schools. We helped fix it up, host a field day for the kids, and Hungry Harvest was there to donate produce to any families who wanted to come by and grab a bag for their family.  We got to work right along side Evan the Founder and CEO and learn more about the business.  I walked away from that event wanting sign up right away.  {Although as you can tell it took a few more months to finally pull the trigger.}

I signed up at the beginning of January and we have been getting weekly shipments for just about two months now.  I was sold from the very first box, but still wanted to give it some time to see if the novelty would wear off after a while.  Spoiler alert, it did not.

Wesley sniffing the hungry harvest box

How It Works

Signing up online is pretty fool proof.  As in this majorly tech un-savy lady is able to figure it out.  Select the harvest you want to receive and fill out your information and you’re good to go.  I initially wanted to select the Full Organic harvest, but was afraid it would be too much food I wouldn’t know what to do with.  Instead we picked the Mini Organic Harvest.  Your delivery day and time will depend on your location.  And don’t be worried about recieving a box full of your most hated fruit or veggie, or even worse something you might be allergic to.  You can fill out the “never send” section with anything you are particularly averse to and you won’t ever receive it.  I opted to leave the “never send” and “always send” boxes blank.  I was considering this a new adventure, a chance to be challenged by new things.

What I love about Hungry Harvest

  • It comes right to your door.  Or in my case the front lobby.  I was initially worried that because the delivery time slot is 6:30am – 11:30am that I would be waiting around for the delivery before I could start my day.  Not the case at all.  Most weeks the box is delivered before I even wake up and Wesley and I go get it first thing.
  • I am forced to come up with new and creative meals for the week.  I basically feel like I’m on an episode of Chopped every time I open my box.  Except with out all the stress.
  • It makes my meal prep & meal planning so much easier.  Think about it half the work is already done for me, now I just have to figure out how to cook it.  Because I want to make sure we are using every last bit and not letting anything go to waste I make sure everything is planned out ahead of time.
  • They email you the list every week on Thursday so you can get started planning.  Not only that but there is a link to read about why there was a surplus of each item, and recipe suggestions for how to use the items in your box.  There are also great add ons you can select on a week to week basis like a onions, garlic or bread from local bakeries.
  • Less food waste and more good for the community.  Not only are you helping find a home for perfectly good food that would otherwise go to waste, but for every box purchased Hungry Harvest is able to donate food to help those in need.

What I don’t love

  • We had one week where we did not receive our box, as it was dropped unloading off the truck.  Although customer service contacted us right away they were only able to re-delivery it on Monday.  That timing didn’t work out for us so we opted to just not get charged that week
  • Although produce is recovered it’s rarely “bad”.  It’s most likely not the “ideal” shape or size for grocery stores, or there is an excess surplus and items need to be moved out.  That being said there have been a few occasions where items were not as ripe as I would have picked myself {avocados and mangos} and one week we had a box of strawberries that were a little past their prime.
  • One week we did receive something that even I could not fathom what to do with.  I’m all for creativity but sometimes even I get stumped.  Seriously – what even is this thing?  {Full disclosure as stated above Hungry Harvest DOES sent a list with each harvest.  You will not receive anything that you literally do not know what it is.  This veggie in particular was something I researched the heck out of, but ultimately could not figure out what to do with.  Or remember what it was called…}

So basically a whole lotta awesome and not really a lot of bad stuff to stay.  I am absolutely loving the service, not only for the chance to get more creative but their customer service team is fantastic and the mission they stand behind could not be any better.  My meal prep has never been more creative and I can’t remember the last time I really enjoyed cooking so much.  Not to mention I FEEL so much better because we’re eating so many more veggies.

Want the inside scoop on some of the recipes I’ve been making or how I make my meal prep as quick and efficient as possible?  Leave me a comment & let me know!

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Sharon March 20, 2017 at 7:45 am

Eat your veggies! Great idea!

Anne March 27, 2017 at 5:02 pm

Based on your picture, I think that’s kohlrabi! It’s popular in the midwest; I learned to love it there. Eat it raw or roasted – you DO have to peel it first, though! We used to call it the “alien veggie” because of the leaves protruding from the top. 😀

Sara March 27, 2017 at 6:30 pm

Yep it definitely looks like an alien! Haha

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