How to overcome negativity & learn to challenge yourself

by Sara on September 21, 2015


When I first told family and friends about my new job I was met with the typical, “That’s amazing congratulations!” I’m not saying this to pat myself on the back, I’m sharing it to talk about what came next. When I shared the news of our relocation I was met with less than enthusiastic questions of, “What about your house?” and “What about Ralph’s job?” and even more discouraging were a few statements like, “I had a friend that worked there, she hated it,” “Baltimore? Really? They have riots there you know!” “It’s the most dangerous city in the country you know! {In case you were wondering, no Baltimore is NOT actually the most dangerous city in the country, that would be Camden NJ which is a hop skip and a jump across the river from my old job.}

Basically I was met with a lot of doubt.  A lot of people saying that what I was about to do with my life was going to be really hard.  I could have easily taken all of these statements and let them overwhelm me and convince me that a new job was a very bad idea. I could have not even considered taking a new job in the first place because moving is hard, and living away from your spouse is hard, selling a house is hard, and finding a new routine is hard, and making new friends is hard.

It fitness we say, nothing good ever happens inside your comfort zone. In running we say get comfortable with getting uncomfortable. Why would I shy away from the same mottos in my work life that I preach so strongly in my running/fitness life?  Something I said almost daily at my last job was, “What’s the fun if it’s not a challenge?”

So here’s a little secret you can take with you for the unforeseeable future, everything is hard if that is how you chose to view it.  Stress is choice, letting life overwhelm you is a choice.  You also have the choice to look at every challenge and say, “This is going to be such a kick ass adventure and an amazing opportunity to grow as a person, let’s F*cking do this!!”

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It’s been two weeks now that I’ve been living in Baltimore, and as fun as the photos that ive been posting all over instagram are, don’t be fooled nothing has been without challenges.  After 4 days in the Charm City I hauled life back to New Jersey to spend two days straight cleaning and staging our house to get ready to put on the market.  It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t fun, but I had a choice I could complain about my circumstances or I could say, “You know what, these are super first world problems, problems I knew were going to go with the territory of selling the house and they are only temporary.”  So even though I wanted to spend Sunday sightseeing in Baltimore with Ralph we were home dusting, washing, painting and prepping.  It was a late night but we got it done and we’re on the road to starting our next big adventure.

Another prime example of finding a way and making it work is my workout schedule.  I take a water taxi to work which only runs certain hours which means the times that I can get to the other side of the harbor are limited.  There are a lot of great studios and classes that I can’t get to if I want to take advantage of this fun and free version of commuting.  I could chose to complain about it and say that working out is impossible and that my life is difficult and there’s no way I can get things done.  Or I can chose to a) be happy that I have a fun and free commute, such up the limitations, and figure out a game plan to fit in working out around whatever obstacles I have going on right now.  If that means going to closer studios or maybe driving to work one day a week, that’s what I’m going to do.  We all have obstacles of some sort, it’s how we decide to overcome them that determines if we’re going to be successful.

Chase the dream, whether it be in running or fitness or life and don’t let obstacles or challenges deter you from accomplishing the really big things.  You can always find something positive about a situation, your ability to focus on that positive attitude is what determines how happy you are.  What are you waiting for, go embrace your next big adventure.

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Kristin September 22, 2015 at 1:30 pm

“your ability to focus on that positive attitude is what determines how happy you are. ”

I LOVE THIS!! So very true that our happiness comes from what we make of situations.

Sara September 22, 2015 at 2:42 pm

It’s all about your attitude!

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