How to be Relentless

by Sara on April 6, 2016


I have a new favorite mantra these days.  “Relentless”

This mantra has gotten me through some rough days at work, through tough times in life, and through some pretty challenging workouts.  I may be handing out advice right now but having the attitude and strength to break past my old {totally self imposed} limits was not born overnight. It all came from one little comment on this post, like a seed planted deep in the back of my mind.  Over time, the more I nurture the idea the more it flourishes.  I’m still no expert but I’m getting better, and heres just a few of the things that got me there.

It’s not supposed to be easy.

This is probably the number one place where you’ve gone wrong in the past.  Things get hard.  Harder than you thought they could be, probably because you’re pushing yourself to levels you’ve never been.  At times it feels impossible and that impossible feeling is meant to hold down and a lot of people just quit.  Don’t quit.  Know that it’s supposed to be hard, take a break, do something that refreshes your mind and body and get back at it.

Remember it’s ok to fail {at the little things}.

Maybe fail is a strong word.  But it’s worth mentioning.  When things don’t go the way you planned it feels like a failure.  It feels like you should stop investing energy in whatever you’re doing but it’s not true.  So what if you thought you were going to run 4 mile repeats at 7 minute pace and you could only do 2.  If hadn’t tried to run that fast you’d never know what your limits were.  The point is to learn from your failures, adjust your plan and keep going.  Next time you’ll try for 3 repeats and you’ll keep trying until you achieve it.

Keep a list or journal.

Write down one thing every day that was awesome.  Or something you learned.  Or something you could improve on.  Read this over and over when you have bad days to remind you that sometimes things DO go well.  Write down great workouts or that time you hit a 1 rep max and how good it felt.  Then be prepared to put in the work to get to the next level.

Work smarter not harder.

I live by this.  Sometimes things feel harder because you’re making them harder.  Are you trying to loose weight but it’s just not working?  Try out some new types of exercise and maybe you’ll find something you enjoy so much you want to do it more.  Running so many miles but not getting any faster?  Try running less and cross training more, you’d be surprised what the change can do for you.

Get a rockin’ playlist.

Remember the little playlist from this gem?  Take the time to put together a list of tunes that will get you feeling good about yourself no matter what.  When you have a bad workout or a bad week, whip it out and remember that nothing can hold you down.

Ok your turn, when things get really tough how do you remind yourself to be relentless?


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