Hip Hop Cycle at REV Cycle Studio with Shauna Harrison

by Sara on September 23, 2015


You’re all going to have to forgive this somewhat blurry photo, after an intense 1 hour ride everyone’s arms were a bit shaky as we all stood around snapping pics.  Not to mention the studio was super humid after all the sweating, but hey I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’ve had my eyes on REV Cycle Studio since before I actually made the move to Baltimore, but it hadn’t quite made it onto my weekly fitness schedule.  Aimlessly scrolling through the instagram Friday morning however I noticed THE Shauna Harrison was going to be not only in Baltimore but teaching a class at REV Cycle Studio Saturday morning I knew I had to be there.  I actually made a mad dash from the building I was in at the time, to my desk to get my wallet and sign up.  There were only two spaces left by that time and I could not miss this!


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My first impressions of the studio were amazing.  The front doors were wide open to the large lobby complete with couches, a merch area, and dozens of eager fitness enthusiasts ready to ride.  I walked up to the front desk to check in and noticed that my name was highlighted on the signed in sheet, which come to find it out it was because I was new.  They gave me a quick tour of the studio including bathrooms, showers, lockers and cubbies.  I love little things like this because there is nothing worse than wandering around a new studio wondering where to find everything.  I turned down their offer to show me how to work the bike, because after going to two completely separate studios I’m basically an expert right?


Hardly.  So far every bike I has been different when it comes to screen set up, position, stats, right down to how high the tension goes up {the bikes at my first class had us up as high as 30 on the tension, whereas with these bikes we only went up to 9.  Similar difficulty just smaller or larger increments}  Thank goodness someone also goes around and makes sure everyone is set up correctly because I needed help strapping my shoes into the pedals and about three quarters of the way through the class I had a feeling my seat should have been adjusted a little higher.  No big deal live and learn.


I snapped a few blurry photos because, hello celebrity instructor in the house, and was excited to get started.  A few minutes later the lights went down, the beat started blaring and the class was off.  Shauna’s playlist, not surprisingly was phenomenal.  So many old school remixes had me wondering if I should be waving my arms around to the beat or peddling hard up the imaginary hills.  Don’t worry I chose the latter, but it was hard not to tap my hands on the handlebars and move my shoulders to the beat just as much as my spinning legs.  I was having a blast and getting a booty kicking workout at the same time.  What a way to start my day.

By the end of the class I was absolutely drenched in sweat and grinning ear to ear.  I don’t know why it took me so long to get into this sport it combines all of the things I love so much into one fierce and super satisfying workout.  I’m going to have to call this blog “Spinning in Pink” if I’m not careful.  The thing that really won me over though?  The cold lavender towels they passed out on the end of class that help bring you down off that endorphin high, or at least a little closer to reality as you make your way out of the studio on shaking legs.

Thanks REV Cycle Studios & Shauna for one incredibly kick ass class.  Weekend MADE.  {I think I’m going to have to go get myself a pair of legit spin shoes now.}IMG_4591

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