Flying Fish 5k – Race Recap

by Sara on September 14, 2015

IMG_4433“Hey running friends, does anyone want to join my team to run a 5k in September?  If we can get 10 people everyone get’s a free growler!  There’s also a free beer at the end.”  – our friend Tom from RRCW {in the center of the above photo}

That’s pretty much all it took to get me to say ok to running the Flying Fish 5k which took place last Saturday morning.  At the time I was barely training but figured I would start to ramp up a bit towards the end of summer.  {Those of you who have been following along at home know that just didn’t happen.}   Just for kicks let’s just review how my races for 2015 had been going shall we?  I had one amazing half marathon in May, followed by two less than stellar 5ks back to back one week in June.  July and August were not great training months for me, so my attitude going into this race was just have fun and get a beer at the end.IMG_4417I might not have felt like I had speedy legs underneath me but my outfit and my shirt to Pro Compression matching was on point.  So at least I looked good.  {Putting that Under Armour employee discount to good use.}

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The race started at 10am so there was no need for an early wake up call which I was psyched about until we arrived at the race and I realized just how humid it was.  The forecast was saying 75 and change but it easily felt like it was in the 80’s and the sun was beating down hard.  I forgot sunglasses so I begged Ralph to let me borrow his {since he was also wearing a hat} and thank goodness he obliged.  #husbandpoints  We headed out for a warmup mile and I knew right away it was not going to be my ‘A’ day.  I had two semi decent runs last week but the fastest pace I was able to hold was around 9 minutes.  Remembering how much I wanted to die during both of the 5ks I ran back in June all I was aiming for was not feeling like I was going to lose my breakfast.  It might sound like I was giving up before I even started but sometimes we need to be honest with ourselves and let go of all the pressure.  Trust me when I say I ran with every ounce of my being once that gun went off.

I had no goals, no expectations, just my usual, “Don’t throw up,” and, “Run a smart race with consistent splits”.  The Star Spangled Banner was played, the gun went off and we were off and running.  I took it nice and easy letting people fly by me on both sides.  The first mile was pretty uneventful, I didn’t pay attention to my watch at all and just concentrated on my feet and my form.  I had mantras playing over and over in my head the whole time and I was shocked to see an 8 minute pace on my watch when we passed the first mile.  Shortly after the first mile marker though I was hit smack in the face with the one major hill on the course and I let myself take it nice and steady and not too fast.  With such an extreme uphill I expected an equally relieving downhill to follow shortly thereafter and was pretty disappointed when that didn’t happen.  We wound our way through the residential neighborhood, passing at one point the lead runners headed into the finish.  I wasted a little bit of oxygen cheering for them, no regrets though I will always admire the ease that most lead runners seem to showcase.  I know they are just as dead inside as I am but they do such a good job of hiding it.

I knew I was fading, my breathing was starting to turn into short painful gasps for air but at least my legs were still moving swiftly underneath me.  “Just hang on, just hang on, just hang on,” is all I kept telling myself hoping that the whole thing would just be over soon.

12002135_847716592013640_9210646340073100499_nWhat can I say, I excel at taking incredibly flattering race photos.

Finally we hit that cruising downhill and it was more than welcomed followed by a half mile straightaway to the finish.  The last stretch was brutal, so much of me wanted to grit it out and charge as fast as I could but my lungs simply couldn’t keep up.  I had to hold back and keep my breakfast inside my body.  I watched the finish clock tick off the last seconds of the 24th minute and change into 25, not even a little bit disappointed.  I was thrilled to be done and knew I gave it my best effort possible given my training.

Ralph and I headed to the beer table to pick up our free finisher’s mug filled with a frosty cold Octoberfish brew and hung around for a while chatting with friends.  The race may have started in hot sun but by the time we were all done clouds and the threat of rain had rolled in so we didn’t stay very long.





Overall Stats:

Chip Time 25:07 | 8:06 average page

Age Group Place: 10 | not sure

Gender Place: 19 | 435  <– not too bad huh?

Overall Place: 130 | 876

It wasn’t until we were driving home from the race and Ralph was telling me how well he raced that I thought to check my stats from the summer’s earliest races.  Not only had my pacing and form been amazing, it was the fastest 5k I had run all year.  I couldn’t believe the numbers but the numbers don’t lie.  It just goes to show you what you can do when you stop putting so much pressure on the results.  Had I been freaked out and stressing over being fast enough I know I would have gone out too hard and completely died before the end was even close.

Just another lesson that confirms I’m going in the right direction by trying to get more enjoyment out of running and not taking it so seriously.

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