Need to hear it from someone who’s been there?  Here’s what some of my clients had to say:

“When I decided to attempt the Goofy Challenge (39.3 miles over 2 days), I decided to enlist the help of long time friend and Sara.  She suggested I run a 26.2 first to gauge the level of effort required for such a feat.  So over the course of 8 months, she advised and coached me as I began to journey into the world of long distance running. I can safely say without her help I would not have had the two successful races I had.  As I continue to move onto the world of extreme distance running, I’m sure I’ll be again seeking her help!”

“I had been running a few 5ks per year, never having a training plan, improving my time or increasing distance. I never had the confidence to push myself to improve. When I decided to try long distances, every book advised getting a trainer, so I found Sara.  Sara has been an amazing coach! She has helped me reach my goal of running long distances with flexible training plans which work around my busy schedule. She has shown a gift for listening and adapting to my changing goals, and getting me farther (literally!) than I’ve ever pushed myself. She promptly and expertly addressed every issue that came up as I learned to run long distances, such as gear choices, fueling, positive thinking on a long run and preventing injury.  Sara’s obvious enthusiasm for coaching motivated me and gave me the confidence to progress and become the runner I wanted to be. I just ran an 18 mile race! I feel wonderful! Now we are working on improving my race times for shorter distances. With Sara’s help, I’m going to be able to continue to take my running to the next level!”
– Marie

“I had some running experience when I found Sara but it was limited.  I had run run three half marathons in the last 2 years but never run over 5 miles before training for these races.  I could now say I completed a half marathon but I was really slow and showing no improvement.  Sara’s expert guidance was just what I needed.   Working with Sara was easy as she provided me with weekly training plans customized based on my fitness level, goals and feedback from prior workouts.  My first half marathon in the spring I set a PR by about 2 minutes despite cramping up after excitedly going too hard the last mile.  Still feeling great and sensing my goal was within reach I decided to give it one more try before the spring season ended.  Sure enough, I ended up reaching my goal and had chopped more than 8 minutes off my time in less than 6 months! can’t say enough about the expert advice and support from Sara and highly recommend her.”
– R.J.

“When I started running, I never would have even thought running a 5K was possible, let alone a half marathon.  I was a guy who, lets face it, wasn’t very athletic.  I mean I didn’t even finish the 1 mile run in high school! I had decided to start running because I wanted to get back in shape at first.  As I kept running, I wanted to try some races, to see what I could do.  That’s where I started relying on Sara’s coaching.  I went from having no running experience what-so-ever to running both 5K’s and half marathons.  After having a knee injury setback after I ran my first 5K, I managed to overcome the injury and, with Sara’s help, worked myself back into running.  I beat the injury and not only ran my first half marathon but also PR’d my 5K time.  Now with her help, I plan on running two more half marathons and beating my PR.  She’s a fantastic coach and I trust her with all of my future race goals.”
– Ralph