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Body Cycle Studio – My First Spin Class

by Sara on August 5, 2015

There are a lot of things I’ve avoided because I’m afraid of failing or not being good enough.  Funny enough taking a spin class isn’t one of those things, but I’ve still avoided it at all costs and for an even lamer reason.  I always thought that bike riding would make me have monster quads so I always steered clear and kept to running.  Then I realize, I already have monster quads, it’s just my body type, and also spinning looks pretty badass I should give it a try.  I let that marinate for a while before I realized I am way too scared to go into a new studio by myself, plus I am already doing yoga and running when would I ever have time to take a spin class.  Luckily, last Friday the spin class came to me.

Ok not me personally, but to my office.  The fabulous people at Body Cycle Studio in Philly have been working with my company to set up an onsite spin class in one of our conference rooms over lunch once every few months {Yes, the above photo is in fact a conference room in my office.  Yes, my job is awesome} 

The first time they hosted a class though, I had a hideous deadline and couldn’t really take an hour away from my desk {Sometimes my job is not awesome} but two weeks ago an email went out about another class and my coworker and I high tailed it to the signup sheet and were the first ones on the list.


I’m on a bike b*tches!

Haley {my coworker} is a veteran spinner {cycler? rider?} and I was pretty happy to have her next to me to make sure my bike was adjusted correctly and my sneakers {not a veteran, do not own spin shoes} were strapped in tight.  I was also thankful that through our many daily work conversations of our various fitness interests she has given me the rundown on correct spinning form.  Apparently you need to “pull up” aka engage your hip flexors and core, just as much as “push away” and let’s just say I would have never survived some of the sprint intervals without this prior knowledge.

Our instructor for the day was Shoshana who is as bubbly and personable as she is tough, hopping on and off the bike to encourage everyone to push harder and get the most out of the entire class.  I knew what I had signed up for was going to be intense, but I had no freaking clue what was about to go down.  Shoshana started off by explaining the parts of the bike that we needed to know most, the resistance knob and your monitor that showed, among other things RPMs.  As she calls out different levels of intensity and coordinating RPM’s we all turn up our dials and move our feet faster even though the interval before that felt like as fast as we could go.  The beat of the music is blaring over speakers and I am thankful for it’s fast tempo to move my feet along to.  I am also thankful for Shohana at the front of the room telling us to dig deeper, and we can do it, because really I don’t know if I can.  On the bike next to me Haley is letting out “whoo hoos!” and other exclamations that I can only describe as excitement to which I respond with wide eyes and a, “Girl you are crazy.”  This is the workout she wakes up early for multiple times a week, and keeps coming back to.  Five measly minutes in my legs and core were burning, my shirt was already tossed to the ground, and I had no idea if I was going to make it through to the end or not.

My first ever spin class with @BodyCycleStudio - I not only survived but I think I'm addicted Click To Tweet

After somehow surviving 40 minutes of increased resistance, sprints on tired legs, and finally mastering the art of climbing at high speed {that was probably one of the hardest things to get used to, being out of the saddle and not feeling like I was going to fall off the bike} we had two songs left.  Knowing there was an end in sight gave me some extra energy and I pushed on through the final sets of sprints on muscles that I didn’t think had anything left.

If Yoga is my zen place when running is too intense, spin is the class that is going to make running feel zen.  I have done some pretty intense track intervals and hill repeats in my years as a runner, nothing could have prepared me for this.  Imagine running an all out 400, but instead of recovering with a nice easy jog {as I almost always go} recovering with another 400 at tempo pace and then repeat about 4 times.  Then take maybe one lap recovery jog and repeat the whole sequence about 10 times over.

Needless to say I am addicted.

Me with my coworker and our instructor from body cycle studio

Me, Shoshan & Haley, not looking half bad for just getting our asses kicked. {Sports bra: Without Walls by Urban Outfitters}

Me with two of the instructors from body cycle studioI think it’s safe to say all my “fears” about spinning are now a thing of the past and I would consider adding a class or two into my fitness mix.  The high intensity workout kept my heart pumping and my lungs gasping for air, which I can only imagine is going to help my speed the next time I actually attempt some track/running intervals.

psst did you know your first ride at Body Cycle Studio is FREE??  What are you waiting for – go sign up for a class right now!


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They just let us in on the news that they re bringing their pop-up cycling classes at the Shore back this year!

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