9Round Baltimore – Kickboxing Fitness

March 15, 2017
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“Be stubborn about your goals.  Be flexible with how you achieve them” People who achieve goals have a unique trait that sets them apart from people who easily give up.  When things don’t go as planned they reevaluate the plan and change the course if necessary.  When I laid this plan out three weeks ago […]

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Embrace Your Flaws and Learn to Love Yourself

March 13, 2017
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A few moths ago I reconnected with an old college friend over lunch.  Actually we reconnected when I read a recent blog post of hers {check her out here!} about balance.  Yea I know, my favorite subject. {more here, here and here} Despite having great jobs, home lives, supportive families and relationships we both admitted something felt… off. […]

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M Power Yoga & Barre

March 8, 2017
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When I first started this challenge for myself, I didn’t give much thought to how hard it would be on my body.  My previous schedule was so predicable that I didn’t realize how used to the routine my body was getting.  Spoiler alert – new fitness routines will make you SORE.  This doesn’t mean you […]

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Rev Cycle Studio Brewer’s Hill

March 1, 2017
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New fitness journey week one – check. You can read a little bit more about what led me to this challenge here.  If you want to read about my experience at the Rev Cycle Studio McHenry Row location you can read about it here. When you think of bad ass indoor cycling studios in Baltimore, […]

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Trying a New Fitness Routine

February 27, 2017
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Right after I hit publish on last week’s post I realized I need a new fitness routine.  When I schedule workouts it’s always the same two classes by the same two instructors.  While it’s great that I’ve found something I love its starting to feel stale.  I need a challenge!  I’m also struggling to figure out how […]

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Getting Back on Track with Goals

February 20, 2017
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Follow my blog with Bloglovin It’s mid February, which means if you set a health or fitness goal at the beginning of the year you’re probably doing a little self check in right about now.  And you realize you’re either kicking ass or realizing your fell off the boat a little bit.  So I’m going to […]

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My Mantra for 2017 – “I Am Responsible For”

January 16, 2017
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So, how’s everyone’s New Year been going?  Setting goals and crushing them already?  Setting a mantra to help you push through the hard times?  Awesome.  I’ve been over here sitting on the couch trying to shake this awful cold I picked up while traveling for Christmas.  Airplanes I tell ya.  Germ incubators.  Anyways. Of course being […]

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Baltimore Running Festival 5k Recap

October 24, 2016
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I really didn’t want to write this recap.  I almost didn’t.  When I initially signed up for the Baltimore Running Festival it was because I had so much fun volunteering last year and wanted to be able to participate in some way.  Race day came and I was not as prepared as I had wanted […]

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