Newport Liberty Half Marathon

Dear Half Marathon,

You were {are} a really beautiful thing you know.  I want you to know it’s not personal, I always loved you and you were by far my favorite distance.  It’s just not working out right now.

I know you think I’m being unfaithful with all the time I’m spending in the gym.  It looks bad I know.  But the rest of my body is important too you know.  I haven’t felt this strong in a really long time.  I can actually do push ups now.

I do miss you though.  I went to a running group the other night and I instantly remembered what I love so much about running and hanging out with runners.  I remembered how much fun I had the last time I ran a half marathon and finally learned to have FUN with the whole process.


It’s almost September.  Which means it’s almost fall.  Which means fall race season is almost upon us!  Mileage is ramping up, the fine tuning is beginning and the last few tune up races are taking place.  Half marathons are seriously the BEST fall distance.  They are challenging yet won’t totally kill your social life.  So many people are running them these days you can barely walk three feet with out running into someone training for one as well.  Hello, instant friends.  They are long enough to make you feel like a total badass but not so debilitating that you’re out of commission the day after.  I love the half marathon.

This year however, I will be sitting on the side lines cheering other runners while I focus on getting the rest of my body in just as good of shape as my legs have been for years.  This is good news for you though! Because as an official blog partner of the Newport Liberty I get to give away one entry to a lucky reader.  If you do not have this race on your calendar you need to add it ASAP.  You can still register HERE.  Gorgeous views of New York City without the city congestion, super flat course and a great post race party.  Ok now I’m starting to get jealous I won’t be running this year…

What: Newport Liberty Half Marathon
Where: Jersey City New Jersey
When: September 18th
Why you should run this race:  Fast.  Flat. Fabulous.  Free Parking!

How?  Leave a comment & tell me your favorite thing about fall race season. Easy as that.

Comment by Thursday 8/18 


Make Excercise An Adventure

by Sara on August 8, 2016


Over a fabulous brunch of crab eggs Benedict, avocado sandwiches, and plenty of orange crushes a friend and I chatted about our workout routines of late.  She assumed I was still running and spinning and lifting like crazy, and I had to break the news to her that intact I was doing very little structured exercise.  I had all but stopped running.  And I have never felt better.

If you’re new to this little blog you might not know that I recently put my prior passion of running long distance races aside for a more flexible schedule of whatever-the-heck-workout-I-feel-like.  It’s been a freeing experiment into an active lifestyle as a means of excise rather than a regimented plan that was leaving me feeling empty.

A few years ago I posted {this} little post about making your long run an adventure.  Everything I said in that post still holds true.  Beat the monotony of marathon training by mixing up your workouts either by meeting up with new groups of people or taking your run to a new location.  Now I’ve taken that outlook one step further and peeled away any and all boundaries tied to “exercise”.

There is no longer a minimum number of minutes or miles that I have to meet before feeling like I “did enough”.  Somedays my walk to and from work is enough.  Some days I need a little more and long walk with Wesley does the trick.  There are plenty of days that a “traditional” cardio session or lifting routine is all I want.  But in short, there are no goals, there are on rules, just whatever I feel like on a given day.


Learning to golf


Spin Class


Tree Climbing




And yes, still making a few appearances in a traditional gym setting.

This kind of lifestyle is not for everyone, and it certainly not going to get me any PR’s any time soon.  This is something that I am ok with, and fits for me right now.  It’s flexible, it’s fun, and it keeps my body guessing.  I may not be rocking a 6-pack, or crushing mile repeats but I’m getting stronger week by week.  My overall health is looking pretty good these days.

So my challenge to you is this, put more adventure into your workouts.  Or if you need motivation to start working out, find a way to make it more fun instead of assuming that you have to join a gym and walk on the treadmill to be healthy.  Join a social league and play kickball with friends.  Go rock climbing, hiking, walking, or trail running.  Join a group fitness class at the gym, or start a workout group with co-workers.  Just have fun with it.  Life is too short to hate your workout.


Getting My ACSM CPT Certification

July 5, 2016

After many years of talking about it I am finally {FINALLY} a certified personal trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine {ACSM}.  That sounds so fancy and official. Why ACSM Number one thing I looked at was other trainers and their certifications.  The ones I most respected had either ACSM or NASM although more […]

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A Lesson in Patience

June 22, 2016

Imagine this scenario for a minute.  You’re walking through work and you see a box of donuts leftover from yesterday sitting out in the kitchen.  They’re a bit stale but probably still delicious and just as you’re about to reach for one a co-worker pops in and says, “Hey I’m going out to get some […]

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When Running Becomes Your Identity.

May 31, 2016

{and when it stops becoming your identity and you wonder who you are anymore} Life never takes you where you expect to go, the older I get the more that rings true.  However if you’re willing to work hard, life will take you to some pretty cool places and maybe, just maybe they are even […]

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Making a Comeback is Harder Than I Thought

May 23, 2016

*tap*tap*tap* is this thing on? {and the award for most cliche opening line after a “blog hiatus goes goes to…} I found myself in an all to familiar place a few weeks ago.  The physical therapists office.  Except it wasn’t entirely familiar.  It’s a new to me office, with a new to me therapist, and […]

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Shifting My Thoughts about the Fitness Industry

April 26, 2016

Fitness wasn’t always the dream, in fact I was a pretty lazy kid.  Fitness came to me back in college while living in San Francisco when I had nothing else to do after work but go to the gym and food was so expensive that I didn’t have a lot of extra snacks & junk […]

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How to be Relentless

April 6, 2016

I have a new favorite mantra these days.  “Relentless” This mantra has gotten me through some rough days at work, through tough times in life, and through some pretty challenging workouts.  I may be handing out advice right now but having the attitude and strength to break past my old {totally self imposed} limits was […]

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