A Lesson in Patience

by Sara on June 22, 2016


Imagine this scenario for a minute.  You’re walking through work and you see a box of donuts leftover from yesterday sitting out in the kitchen.  They’re a bit stale but probably still delicious and just as you’re about to reach for one a co-worker pops in and says, “Hey I’m going out to get some fresh donuts in about an hour if you want to wait”.  And of course you’re going to wait for fresh donuts right?  {I mean I’m 95% sure I could wait…}

Imagine now a scenario that has nothing to do with donuts.  {also yes I basically ripped that off from a movie, bonus points if you know which one}.  You walk into the gym and you sit down to meet with a personal trainer.  “I want to loose 20 pounds as quickly as possible, because you know, bikini season.” The personal trainer says to you, “I can give you that result in about 2 months and guarantee you will keep it off for another 2 months, OR I can give you that result in 5 months and guarantee you will keep it off for a whole year.

Which would you chose?

When you think about weight loss or fitness do you think about it as a life long journey or is a means to an end every every year as the weather starts warming up?

So how about this last scenario.  Imagine yourself a runner {that’s probably not very hard to imagine if you’re reading this blog} and you can either improve your 5k/10/half marathon time by a tiny amount by the end of the year but its not guaranteed you won’t end the season without an injury OR you can take a year {one measly tiny little year in the grand scheme of your life} and get stronger so you can have multiple amazing PR years in the future.

I always wonder why more runners continue to run through injuries or nagging ailments over and over again only to show the smallest of improvements over the course of the year.  Patience.  It all comes down to not having the patience {and probably being a little on the stubborn side} to take that year to get stronger.  Do the cross training.  Do the strength training and agility drills.  Do the lateral movements and get your body out of the rut of constant forward motion.  Because let’s be real here, none of us are elite athletes who have all day to dedicate to each of those things + running + having a life.  Do all the things that will make you better and then get back to running.

Trust me when I say I know how hard it is to feel like you’re “walking away” from progress, or “giving up” on a goal.  I used to think running was my identity remember?  Trust me when I say I understand how weird it feels to “only” run 2 miles or to go to a gym and actually use weight machines and not do any cardio.  It’s weird to feel my upper body sore and not just my quads.  But it’s more amazing to see my body getting stronger every day.  It’s more amazing that I am building a more balanced body instead of one that is completely over worked from the knee down and basically neglected from the knee up.  It’s amazing to wake up the day after “only” running 2 miles and feel NO pain because for once you’re being smart about how you treat your body.

So if you’re going to take one thing away from this whole post {besides the fact that fresh donuts are the best and now I want to stuff my face with donuts…} think about how long you want to be a runner, or how long you want to be heathy and fit for that matter if running just ‘aint your thing.  Not just in a, “oh yea sure uh-hu” kind of way either.  REALLY think about it.  And ask yourself do I want to do this for the short term, or do I need to start making better decisions so that I can keep doing this for as long as I can.

I think the answer we can all agree on is, let’s start finding some patience and do what it takes to be great in the long term instead of rushing so hard to be everything all at once.

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Fairytales and Fitness June 28, 2016 at 4:56 pm

This is a very good analogy! So many people are worried about a quick fix instead of what will benefit them in the long run!

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