5 Tips for Beginner Indoor Cyclists {& a REV Cycle Giveaway}

by Sara on May 16, 2017

Ever since REV Cycle Brewers Hill has opened it has become one of my favorite regular workouts.  While now I am super comfortable in the saddle, there was a time I was actually really scared of even setting foot in a studio.  Here’s hoping that these tips will help you get you on a bike in a shorter time than it took me!

Bring a friend
Know someone who’s already an indoor cycling maniac?  Tag a long to one of their classes and let them give you some pointers.  Know someone who’d also like to try indoor cycling?  Have them try a class with you, it’s so much less intimidating when you’re with someone else.  My first few classes were done with friends who knew what they were doing and it was comforting knowing they had my back if I had questions.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help
Not sure how to set up your bike? How do those weird shoes clip to the bike?  How does the monitor work?  Instructors and staff don’t know you’re new unless you speak up!

Give yourself time to get set up.
Show up early and give yourself time to get comfortable on the bike.  Yes it’s easy to feel rushed when the music is playing and you just can’t wait to start moving.   Still I’ve definitely been there, when I’ve rushed to set up my bike only to realize my seat or my handlebars were too high a mere 5 minutes into class.  Let me tell you it does not make for a fun class.

Know how to modify for your fitness level.
The instructor will call out two points to follow throughout the class, level {of resistance} and RPM.  The expecation is that most people in the class will be able to get there.  For example “Get to a level 6-7 and 100RPM”.  But what if you just can’t get to 100RPM on level 6?  Take it down a level.  When in doubt follow the instructor cues for RPM and adjust your level to what feels right for YOU.  Don’t be afraid to go at your own pace.

Look for a fun low-pressure type of class to get your feet wet.
A shorter class is the perfect intro to a new type of fitness, even better when there’s a social aspect tied in.  If you’re new to indoor cycling, or maybe just up for a crazy adventure, try REV Cycle Studio’s REV Shack Track & Field.  A quick 30 minute spin class is just the warm up for a short run to Shake Shack in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor for a FREE beer.  Spin classes are happening on both sides of the water, everyone will meet up at Shake Shack for a drink when it’s all over.

Spin + Run + Beer.  What could be better?

If you want to WIN a free spot at REV Shack Track & Field next Thursday May 25th – check out the details below.{Your choice of McHenry Row or Brewer’s Hill studio} 

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