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Running out of time

November 25, 2015

I’ve wanted to write this post for so long.  Except every time I thought about writing it I thought it had to be some epic and perfectly written post and since I couldn’t find exactly the right words or it wasn’t exactly the right time I would put it off.  I have put it off […]

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I’m beginning to think I should have just named by blog, “The Road to Recovery” because well for one I seem to have done a lot of recovering over the past few years.  For two, it seems to be all I have time and brainpower to write about these days.  I have an endless list […]

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Things were going great.  I was feeling zero pain and loving life, I even got to run two amazing pain free miles.  But you know that little drawing of a chaotic squiggly line that says, “this is what progress really looks like”?  Well it’s true. I was cleared to run 3 miles last weekend as […]

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