Custom training plans for athletes of all levels

No matter the distance or pace – I want to help you chase your dreams and meet your goals.  There is no perfect plan, just a plan that is perfect for you and meets your needs!


It was bound to happen sooner or later.  As much as I say I just want to focus on shorter distances, as much as I love the way my training this year has been serious enough to see progress but relaxed enough to have a normal life, as much as I like to say, “maybe […]

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Warning – this is a L-O-N-G post.  I apologize for the unusually long amount of time it took me to complete this recap {it’s usually the first thing I do after race while all the thoughts are still fresh in my head} but this was no ordinary race.  It was a pretty epic weekend and […]

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There was a part of me that was so amped up from watching Hannah run the B.A.A half last Sunday that I actually thought it would be possible to go for a long run of my own once I got back to my parents.  {I decided to drive back to my parents house from Boston […]

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