Custom training plans for athletes of all levels

No matter the distance or pace – I want to help you chase your dreams and meet your goals.  There is no perfect plan, just a plan that is perfect for you and meets your needs!


It takes a lot for me to stray from my carefully calculated race schedule.  Or just the promise of post race beer and chili.  What can I say I am easily persuaded by food. Good Day For A Run, a management group local to South Jersey puts on a lot of great themed races in the […]

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Every week as I sit down to write my recap two thoughts go through my mind.   One is, “how the heck is another week over so fast?” and the other is, “How the heck am I not dead yet?”  Like I posted last week, I think a lot of that has to do with the […]

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One thing I’m doing differently this time around {aka this marathon training cycle} is taking better care of my body.  After all I’m asking a lot of it by dragging it along on this journey I should be nicer to it.  This means eating better, resting more, compression socks for long runs & recovery, and […]

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