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No matter the distance or pace – I want to help you chase your dreams and meet your goals.  There is no perfect plan, just a plan that is perfect for you and meets your needs!


Being the Underdog

August 24, 2015

Lately, I cannot get enough of a certain song.  You know the one I am talking about {it plays non-stop on the radio and you either love it or hate it}  Based on the title of this post if you didn’t guess “Fight Song” I’m going to wonder if you’ve been living in a bubble […]

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There are a lot of things I’ve avoided because I’m afraid of failing or not being good enough.  Funny enough taking a spin class isn’t one of those things, but I’ve still avoided it at all costs and for an even lamer reason.  I always thought that bike riding would make me have monster quads […]

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It happened slowly, with zero intentions to hide from my training log, until one day I realized it was halfway through July and I hadn’t analyzed my training schedule once.  I hadn’t pre-planned how many miles I was going to run a week, or even synced my Garmin with my Garmin connect app.  I did […]

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