Custom training plans for athletes of all levels

No matter the distance or pace – I want to help you chase your dreams and meet your goals.  There is no perfect plan, just a plan that is perfect for you and meets your needs!


There was a part of me that was so amped up from watching Hannah run the B.A.A half last Sunday that I actually thought it would be possible to go for a long run of my own once I got back to my parents.  {I decided to drive back to my parents house from Boston […]

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I’m not ashamed to admit that sometimes when I’m lacking a little bit of motivation, I’ve been known to buy myself a little something to help muster up some excitement about running again.   Maybe it’s a new jacket that I’ve been eyeing up to make the chilly temps more bearable, or some new headbands […]

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Two words.  Emotional.  Rollercoaster.  {Or is it roller coaster? Three words?) Injuries will do that to you ya know, up in the clouds one minute thinking everything is peachy and panicking with worst case scenarios the next.  Sunday after my run I was totally blissed out, but by Monday morning I was freaking out again. […]

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