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Thumbnail image for Baltimore Running Festival 5k Recap

I really didn’t want to write this recap.  I almost didn’t.  When I initially signed up for the Baltimore Running Festival it was because I had so much fun volunteering last year and wanted to be able to participate in some way.  Race day came and I was not as prepared as I had wanted […]

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I have a new favorite mantra these days.  “Relentless” This mantra has gotten me through some rough days at work, through tough times in life, and through some pretty challenging workouts.  I may be handing out advice right now but having the attitude and strength to break past my old {totally self imposed} limits was […]

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Thumbnail image for Stability Shoes – Do You Really Need Them?

For years I have been trying to convince myself that stability shoes were a lie.  Something that the shoe companies dreamed up to sell more merchandise; something that the general public didn’t really need to pay attention to.  Still, there are other people who believe that modern day running shoes have “ruined” our feet and […]

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